Stainless Steel Sink — what color faucet – Stainless vs bronze?

Major remodel w/ a European Country feel. The kitchen sinks are stainless steel. I tend to like the oil rubbed bronze or coppery bronze faucets over the stainless steel ones which match. My cabinets are a med cherry finish, granite is creamy, bronze, charcoal & brown tones & floor is lt-med tavertine tile. While stainless faucets are "safe", my thoughts are to go with the coppery bronze & pick up some more copper in the kitchen like in the wall tile behind the stainless steel stove & use bronzey hardware on the cabs. Because I like "old world – antiquey" things vs "modern" which I think stainless represents — what do you think — stainless faucets or copper bronze? Oh, the light fixtures & counter stools will be bronze iron also.

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    4 Responses to “Stainless Steel Sink — what color faucet – Stainless vs bronze?”

    1. Michi C says:

      Go with Copper Bronze sink! Goes really well the cherry cabinets and tavertine tiles! You could also add a few potted plants around the sink areas to further enhance the European Country look.

    2. Cerulean Blue says:

      I NEVER play it safe when it comes to decorating! I recommend you do the same… Either bronze finish would look terrific!

      btw… your kitchen sounds gorgeous! You have made some terrific choices so far, trust your instincts!

    3. Kat says:

      Stainless faucet will look better with a stainless sink. I would recommend changing your sink out for a white or cream colored one to reflect the old world look, then go with the bronze faucet.

    4. leahchattam says:

      Your kitchen sounds beautiful. I am a huge fan of bronze myself. However, with the stainless sink, the stainless faucet might look better. If you have an option to change out the sink I would, to something cream or white. Then the bronze would look outstanding, without a doubt. I am a huge fan of the farmhouse sinks,

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