My iron leaves rust stains when I use steam; how to do I clean it?

The plate on the iron is clean and I don’t see any mineral deposits on the iron (it’s relatively new). Every once in a while, if I use steam, the iron leaves a little rust stain on the clothes.

I use distilled water, but I didn’t at first. The tap water where I live is somewhat rusty; is there any way to get rid of the residual rust that seems to be inside?

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  1. sugar candy says:

    Often it becomes necessary to clean out the obstructions in the tiny steam vents in the household iron. Over time, the vents accumulate debris, calcium and rust. Anyone who has ever ruined a shirt with a rusty steam iron will appreciate the following tips to ensure that the household iron stays free of contaminants.

    Things You’ll Need:

    Household cleaning supplies
    White vinegar

    Determine the extent of the iron’s blockage. Turn the iron over and inspect the flat area that contacts fabric. If there are rust streaks or brown marks, remove and fix the cause.

    Clean the iron’s water reservoir. Allow the iron to cool completely. Pour white vinegar into the reservoir to a quarter full. Place the steam iron on its highest setting and bring to a steam. Place a small, clean cloth under the iron and steam iron the cloth to rub away the deposits.

    Remove any deposits on the flat sole plate of the iron. Any marks on the bottom of the faceplate should be removed using a solution of water and dish soap. Use a mesh scrubber or cloth, along with the water and soap solution on a cold iron faceplate. Scrub until all marks and stains are gone.

    Tips :

    While cleaning the iron’s steam vents, wipe down the entire iron unit. Keep the body free of contaminants that might otherwise migrate to the faceplate.

    When storing a steam iron, empty the water reservoir completely and dry before storing. This will help to prevent mineral deposits from building up and clogging the steam iron’s vents.

    Never work on or clean any iron plugged into an electrical outlet or that hasn’t been allowed to completely cool.

  2. I smell like eggs says:

    bleach it

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