Is there a stainless steel waffle iron that does not have a teflon/non-stick cooking surface that exists?

I have looked online and only found teflon/non-stick waffle irons. I have read about the harmful aspects of the use of teflon cooking surfaces and am searching for a positive and affordable alternative.

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4 Responses to “Is there a stainless steel waffle iron that does not have a teflon/non-stick cooking surface that exists?”

  1. M P says:

    I had a Fostoria brand that wasn’t and I loved it. I only gave it up as it was so big and I no longer needed it.
    When I was given it the lady said it stuck so I cleaned it all up and Viola! it worked wonderfully. Hope you find one – I don’t care for the teflon coated ones either.

  2. Slappy McStretchNuts says:

    From my understanding, you’d need a restaurant-type one, sort of like the ones at Waffle House. Perhaps try restaurant equipment suppliers.

    Also, I think Teflon coated pans only give off harmful fumes if they reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I doubt a waffle iron achieves that temperature.

  3. chefcherie says:

    You will never find one.

    Old waffle irons were cast iron, but now they only make nonstick. And there is a reason for that. If you had a waffle iron made of stainless steel, the starches in the waffle batter would stick to the waffle maker like cement.

    There is nothing and I do mean NOTHING harmful about a nonstick waffle maker.

    Nonstick can only make you sick if you heat and empty pan on high heat and leave it there to let the teflon burn off as a gas.

    By the way, you will have a devil of a time making pancakes on stainless steel, too. Keep your nonstick pans. You will be okay, I promise.

  4. Takfam says:

    The thing about waffles is that they are a batter based food (like cookies) and so they inherantly stick to the pan as they cook due to high starch content. A non-teflon waffle iron doesn’t exist because waffles need to be cooked on a non-stick surface. Now, if you could find a non-teflon nonstick surface, then you might be in business. I don’t know where such a thing would exist though.

    The amount of teflon required for significant harm is much more than can be found in any non-stick cookware. Even people that live near factories that produce perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA, the harmful chemical in teflon) are exposed to levels of it that are hundreds of thousands of times less than that shown to cause harm in lab animals.

    Bottom line: Teflon MAY have harmful side effects, if you were to live in a teflon coated home. But as far as cookware goes, you’re probably safe.

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