I ironed some dry-clean only jackets & the iron now has melted stains. I scrubbed but it wont come off. tips?

I scrubbed it with a light duty scouring pad with soap but now when I turn the iron back on, the old stains are melting off and staining my new clothes.
Can I clean it off completely somehow?
Or do I have no option but to toss it?
And is it just dry-clean clothes that I must avoid ironing in the future?
Thanks in advance.

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    4 Responses to “I ironed some dry-clean only jackets & the iron now has melted stains. I scrubbed but it wont come off. tips?”

    1. SEEKER says:

      Use spray on oven cleaner and wipe with a clean rag-rinse well. Allow electric iron to dry 24Hrs before pluging in and using. If your scrubing scratched the surface use 440grit sand paper to smooth it then lightly rub with wet 440grit sand paper to polish the surface to a non-stick finish. Good Luck!

    2. SandyKIT says:

      Scorching is what causes stains on the iron, and that’s due to ironing with a too hot iron and using water or starch. Dry cleaning itself doesn’t prevent ironing (at least with an iron without the non-stick coating — as I’ve ironed a lot of dry cleaned clothes over the years without issue).

      You can try one of those Magic Eraser style scrubbing pads (Mr. Clean brand for example) and scrub with it (will take elbow grease, but it won’t ruin the iron surface). Or use a lye based product like an oven cleaner (this is best, but you have to use the iron for a while steaming to make sure to get rid of any junk in the steam holes).

      But it’s important to turn down the heat so scorching won’t happen. It needs to be just hot enough that when you spray the fabric, it won’t burn. Experiment with a 100% cotton pillowcase. You’ll get the the feel what temps work best with what fabric — especially cotton/poly blends. Once you do, you can iron anything (including how to not get fusable interfacing glued all over an iron) without worry.

    3. Mos says:

      I fear you’ve committed a cardinal sin! It would appear that ironing the stain has fixed the stain to the fabric. You could try an age old stain removal dodge by ironing over the offending mark with brown wrapping paper between the iron and fabric. Sometimes works. The idea being that the "stain" sticks to the paper leaving the fabric clean.

      As to not ironing in the future I suggest you check the label & see if tumble drying is suggested or not. I find some items so market still need a light iron to make them look presentable.

      Hope this helps.

    4. juano19 says:

      You can get a pad of 000 or "fine" steel wool and get it sudsy with complexion or Ivory soap and polish the sole plate with that. Too much water and the pad will not glide across and too little water it will not work either. A Brillo pad will work too but since it is coarser it can scratch. Be sure to completely wash off any traces of steel bits since they will rust and stain. Do not use oven cleaner since it will pit an aluminum sole plate. It would be OK for a stainless one though. The ways that I know how to get scorch out of fabric involve washing in water, so I am not sure how to get them out of dry clean items. Any fabric can be ironed, it is just some that require low temperatures.

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