How to remove the burnt stuff from the bottom of an iron?

I was recently ironing a dress. I guess the iron setting was too hot coz I ended up burning the dress and a chunk of the fabric got stuck on the hot (bottom) part of the iron ie the stainless steel base. How can I clean up the base of the iron and get rid of the fabric which is stuck on it?

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    3 Responses to “How to remove the burnt stuff from the bottom of an iron?”

    1. Catkeypurr says:

      Here’s what I found:
      I’ve used good old sandpaper in the past, too. Make sure to finish with a super fine grit or your iron will be really scratched up.

    2. masching0n says:

      baking soda and hot water , rub it with a cotton rag

    3. kay says:

      Ah, the joys of the too-hot iron. The "correct" answer is probably iron cleaner (difficult to find, and stinky) or ironing salt on paper towels with a hot iron, but the easy way is an SOS soap pad and a little elbow grease. Follow it up with superfine steel wool when you get the gunk off. I wouldn’t consider it for a teflon soleplate iron, but it works well on stainless steel.

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