How do you clean a flat iron with extremely build up?

I have my flat iron for years and never clean it. Now my flat iron has really bad build up. The build up actually looks like the plat is burnt. When doing some research I saw that rubbing alcohol is good for clean a flat. I wonder will it work on extreme build up?

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  1. momma says:

    i clean mine with rubbing alcohol all the time. works good. i put some on a face cloth and clean it.

  2. † from ?ÿ???? says:

    Turn off your ceramic flat iron and unplug it. Set it down on a heat-resistant mat (instead of directly on your countertop) to avoid leaving burn marks. Allow the flat iron to cool for about five minutes.

    Wipe down your lukewarm ceramic flat iron with a damp paper towel. The remaining warmth will help remove any traces of hairstyling product that have just adhered to your styling tool. If there is old product buildup on your flat iron, however, you may spray it instead with a professional cleansing solution especially made for thermal hairstyling tools. This will remove stubborn buildup without scratching your ceramic flat iron. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe away residue that has loosened up.

    Reach into the tiny crevices on your ceramic flat iron with a cotton swab. This will lift away any dirt in spots that are too small to accommodate your finger. You may also use your nail rather than a cotton swab, as long as you cover your nail with the cloth or paper towel to avoid leaving scratch marks on your hairstyling tool.

    Avoid using abrasive solvents when cleaning your ceramic flat iron. However, there are some household items that you can turn to if you run out of your regular professional thermal tool cleanser. Nail-polish remover, ammonia, spray-on oven cleaner and rubbing alcohol can each break down hardened styling product on your flat iron. Saturate a cotton ball with your solvent of choice and use this to wipe away product buildup. When you are finished, use a damp paper towel to wipe down your ceramic tool; this will clean off any remaining solvent, as you don’t want to get it on your hair the next time you use your flat iron.?

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